Equipment List

Current as of July 2023, here is a sampling of our equipment. This list is not exhaustive, so please contact us if you have any questions about our capabilities.

  • Amada Ensis 9KW Automated Fiber Laser

    Amada Ensis 9KW Automated Fiber Laser


    9000 watt

    Capacity: 1” carbon, 1" stainless, & 1” aluminum

  • BLM LT8.20

    BLM LT8.20

    Tube Laser

    4000 watt, 8" capacity,

    Round, square, rectangle, special sections and open profiles

  • BLM Elect 52

    BLM Elect 52

    CNC Tube Bender

    Split die, laser scanner, 2.05"/52mm round tube diameter capacity

  • Amada FLW ENSIS

    Amada FLW ENSIS

    Robotic Laser Welder

    3000 watt fiber laser, 6 axis robot with positioning accuracy of +/- 0.0004”

  • Dener Elite

    Dener Elite

    Press Brake

    220 ton, 12’ bed

  • Amada HG5020

    Amada HG5020

    Press Brake

    50 ton, 84.6" bed

  • Mitsubishi ML3015ex

    Mitsubishi ML3015ex


    4500 watt, 5’x10’ dual beds.

    Capacity: 1” carbon, ½ stainless, & 3/8” aluminum

  • Mitsubishi ML3015LVP

    Mitsubishi ML3015LVP


    4500 watt, 5’ x10’ dual beds.

    Capacity: 1” carbon, 1/2" stainless, & 3/8” aluminum

  • Sunrise DS66

    Sunrise DS66

    Iron Worker

    66 ton dual station hydraulic structural machine

  • Markforged Mark Two

    Markforged Mark Two

    3D Printer

    3D printer with a capacity of 12” x 5” x 6”.

More of our shop capabilities

Other Equipment

Cosen Horizontal Band Saw
Horizontal saw with 10” quick clamp and in-feed rail guide.
HydMech Saw
Automatic feed with angle adjust head.
Jet JMD-18
Porter Cable
Drill Press
Mill/Drill (2)
Magnetic Base Drill
Millermatic 350P
Pulse Mig welder, suitable for steel, stainless & aluminum.
Millermatic 140
Mig welder, suitable for steel & stainless.
Miller Maxstar 140
Tig welder, ideal for thin gauge steel & aluminum.
Miller Thunderbolt
Stick welder, suitable for ½” steel.
Miller DeltaWeld 452
Mig welder
Lincoln 180 Dual Power
Dual power Mig welder
Hypertherm Plasma Cutter
Portable ¾” plasma cutter (Manual)
AutoCAD 3D Design Suite
3D design software providing comprehensive modelling and documentation capabilities.
3D CAD software for design, analysis, and product data management.
Advanced CAD/CAM software for programming cutting machinery.
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